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BEARBRAINS Mighty Wallet

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BEARBRAINS Mighty Wallet


Unleash your artistic spirit with the Bearbrains Mighty Wallet, brought to life by the creative mind of Nate Bear. The Bearbrains character, with its dazzling and sometimes mesmerizing glitchy persona, has journeyed from the blockchain to the metaverse, making appearances on T-shirts, socks, hats, prints, and even in the "Bearbrains" Zines. 


By choosing the Artist Collective Mighty Wallet, you not only get to appreciate incredible art daily, but you also support independent artists who earn royalties from each sale. This wallet, showcasing Nate Bear's mesmerizing NFT "Bear Square" series from Open Sea, brings a touch of art to your everyday carry essentials. 


To see Nate Bear's physical art pieces and figurines, visit his website. 


The Mighty Wallet is constructed from Tyvek®, a material also used in express mail envelopes, conferring each wallet with durability, water-resistance, and the potential to be recycled.



The wallet is designed with convenience and functionality in mind, featuring:

- Two large compartments to securely store your cash and receipts.

- A pair of credit card pockets that can expand to accommodate multiple cards.

- Two easily accessible pockets for business cards.


In terms of dimensions, the wallet measures 8W x 3.25H x .125D inches when open, making it capable of holding international currencies. Despite its spaciousness, the wallet is incredibly lightweight, tipping the scales at just 0.600 oz—less than the weight of four credit cards

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