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Derpy Face - Pom-Pom Beanie Neon Pink

BlindHeartCo | Nate Bear & Laura Galbraith

Derpy Face - Pom-Pom Beanie Neon Pink


Once upon a time, there was a neon pink beanie with a fluffy pom-pom on top. This beanie was special, as it had the power to consume the brain of anyone who wore it.

The beanie was first discovered by a group of teenagers who stumbled upon it in a thrift shop. They thought it was the cutest beanie they had ever seen and decided to buy it. They took turns wearing it and soon began to notice strange changes in their behavio

One of the friends, a quiet and reserved girl, suddenly became outgoing and confident. Another, a shy boy, became the life of the party. But as the days went by, they started to realize that their new personalities were not their own. They were being controlled by the beanie.

They soon discovered that the beanie was eating their brain, and they had to act fast to save themselves. They tried to remove the beanie, but it wouldn't budge. They tried to burn it, but it wouldn't burn. They even tried to freeze it, but it wouldn't freeze.

Finally, they decided to call in a scientist who specialized in strange and unusual phenomena. After a thorough examination, the scientist discovered that the beanie was actually an alien life form that had landed on Earth and was using the beanie as a disguise.

The scientist devised a plan to trap the alien and remove the beanie from the teenagers' heads. The plan was a success, and the alien was sent back to its home planet. The beanie was neutralized, and the teenagers' brains were saved.

From then on, the teenagers lived their lives with their own personalities, free from the control of the neon pink beanie with the fluffy pom-pom. They learned that sometimes, things that seem innocent and cute can be dangerous and must be approached with caution.

Sometimes can see people wearing pink babies just like that one as an act of defiance alien invaders. If you pass a stranger wearing one, now you know they are a free thinker, deviod of influence of intrusive extraterrestrials. 


Now you can add a touch of rebellion to your wardrobe with a classic embroidered beanie. Finished with a pom-pom on top, it offers tons of warmth and comfort, and is destined to find its way into all your favorite cold-weather looks. And rest assured that your brain will stay intact thanks to science. 

• 100% acrylic
• One size fits all
• 12'' (30.5 cm) knit
• Fold-over 3'' (7.6 cm) cuff
• Pom-pom on top

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